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  • TM-G707E
    • TM-G707E



There’s an open road ahead for the future of mobile
communications — Kenwood’s thoroughbred
TM-G707E FM dual-bander (144MHz/430MHz).

The Essence of Ease: Mobile

From the extra-large control panel — with the welcoming glow of its amber-colored LCD — to
Kenwood’s new Easy Operation mode, the TM-G707E is extraordinarily user-friendly. That,
after all, is a design imperative for mobile communications equipment. But this FM dual-band
(144MHz/430MHz) transceiver goes well beyond the call of duty, offering a “five-in-one” programmable
memory, a Memory Name function, and numerous other features that make operation
more natural than ever. Optimized convenience goes hand in hand with the polished performance
of the TM-G707E.

High-visibility display

Capable of displaying up to 7 large alphanumeric characters — in either
frequency or Memory Name mode — the positive-type amber LCD comes with
a 4-step dimmer control to suit all driving conditions, day or night. A thoughtful
touch is the automatic brightening during operation.

Easy Operation mode

This mode allows the transceiver to be
operated as easily as a car radio. You simply choose a frequency and press one
of the 3 memory keys for one second to
save it. A light touch on the same key is
all that is required for recall, after which
the encoder can be used to tune above
or below that frequency.


programmable memory
In addition to its regular profile, the
TM-G707E can store four other operating
profiles — complete with frequency range,
dimmer level, and other details — ready
for instant recall at the push of a button.
You can further choose automatic updating
of the current profile if you wish.

180 multi-function memory channels

There is no shortage of capacity: 180
memory channels are available for storing
such important data as transmit and
receive frequencies (independently, thus
allowing split-frequency operations),
frequency step, and tone frequency.

Memory Name function

A convenience that is especially welcome
for mobile applications is this function
which, as its name suggests, allows you to
identify each of the 180 channels with up
to 7 alphanumeric characters. You can
also switch instantly between the frequency
and Memory Name displays.

Multi-scan functions

User-friendliness is further enhanced by
full band and program band scans, memory
scan with memory channel lock-out,
MHz scan and call scan. For each band
there are TO (time-operated) and CO
(carrier-operated) scan stop modes.

Priority scan function

Of special note is priority scan, available
in two modes: choose mode A to check
every 3 seconds, whether or not the displayed
frequency is busy; or choose mode
B to check at the same interval, but only
when the displayed frequency is not busy.

Merk: Kenwood
Categorie: Mobiel
Prijs: € 449
Product code: KENW_TM-G707E
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